Protecting Your Business™

Trusted and innovative supplier of technologies and services.

We are a trusted and innovative supplier of microbial control solutions and chemical technologies used in a wide range of industrial solutions. Our vast product portfolio of microbial control and chemical technologies offer quality products backed by expert technical and regulatory, meeting our customers current and future needs.  Product development and application support  is focused on market aligned solutions stemming from our knowledge of unmet market needs. Our regulatory expertise and extensive data packages allow us to support customers globally with solutions that are compliant with the requirements of the applicable regulatory, environmental and safety standards.  Our specialists remain on the forefront of the evolving  regulatory environment to ensure the current and future products will comply with varying regional specific regulations that underpin the wide range of industries and markets we support.

Wood Protection

Innovative treatment and application technologies to extend the life of wood

Material Protection

These products are used across a range of industries including Metal Working Fluids, Powdered Metal, Polymers and Textiles, and Oil and Gas.

Paints & Coatings

Reliable solutions for in-can, dry-film protection

Crop Protection

Our Crop Protection business offers customers a range of agro-chemistry and formulations for global agricultural markets.