To help you Survive the BPR™, Lonza has created a Knowledge Centre with information you need to know about National Registrations, the Same Biocidal Product Regulation and general information, such as Product Types and the BPR.

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The following documents are available in Lonza’s Survive the BPR™ Knowledge Centre.

  • National Registration Roadmaps now available for 20 different countries
  • Guidance on the Same Biocidal Product Regulation 
  • Lonzagard® Registration Footprint Infosheet
  • Product Authorisation: Choosing the Right Path for the BPR
  • BPR Product Types
  • ADBAC Active Substance Support TDS

The BPR* Is Happening and Will Affect All Companies Making Disinfectants That Are Sold in Europe! Survive the BPR™ with Lonza by your side with resources from our Knowledge Centre. 

*Biocidal Product Regulation; regulation (EU) 528/2012