Despite modern advances in hygiene, pathogens still run rampant worldwide. Healthcare-associated infections, zoonotic diseases and foodborne illnesses continue to pose challenges around the globe. Bacteria and viruses can be found in schools, hospitals, malls and other public places.

By delivering innovative formulations and highly effective solutions, Lonza takes an active role in the struggle to maintain appropriate hygiene levels and hence to prevent hygiene-related illnesses.

Whatever the time, whatever the place, hygiene is essential. Around the world, you can find Lonza’s active ingredients and formulated solutions in products aimed at protecting the health of people and maintaining hygiene standards in hospitals, schools, food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, homes and more.

Lonza’s commitment to a healthier world drives our innovation and advocacy work. We have improved the use of quaternary compounds in disinfectants, becoming a leader in the biocide world with effective hygiene formulations that demonstrate low irritation potential for users. Currently, we are in the process of developing solutions that are accepted by regulatory bodies globally for simpler, standardized international hygiene offerings.

For our customers, Lonza offers a faster path to market through unparalleled regulatory support and robust data sets. We provide both active ingredients and formulated solutions, including dilutable concentrates, wipes and ready to use formulations, for a variety of applications.

Since Lonza is dedicated to creating a world that has access to the best possible solutions, tools and procedures to combat harmful microorganisms, we are happy to help guide our clients through their registration process and provide support wherever possible. Our regulatory support covers both active ingredients and finished formulations in relevant regions. Our support services include providing data packages and, when appropriate and possible, sending our regulatory team in person to address concerns.

And key to innovation, Lonza is also continuously assessing novel technologies beyond its core chemistries.

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